illusions in the Sun

from by Starz Society

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Step into our Tragic Solstice My welcomed friend or my opponent Shake and sin in what we’ve left curse the sun and pay our debts...
these streets and this land are finite vibrations for a toxic plan
but toxic only if you offer interruption So either exit and die Or enter the progression ‘cause we spin infinitely
incessantly erratically inverted we stole this from the syllabus of another dimension’s exodus and they with us and we with them lay out mercy for our caucus and redemption for the separatist
We are blisters peeling off the skin of recession tricks
and envy’s bliss realize that what we’ve seen are the pictures of a madman’s dream Quarantined we Howl and scream as the New Era christens our secret submission and the Holy ways of our unholy wars set to burn and Scorch the World
Siren Song Beauty you are a testament to the age of descent
where the ashes spread across our home front and distorts the light of the sun as the scum spreads past the frontlines disappear past borders and disorders quarters forward to fasten their grip on the apocalypse
displaced tirade of insults on the face of terra firma melts the ice off the fire’s sting and we are the thing that feeds the furnace Graffiti filth like silk dishonesty a blindfold that holds the old monarchy and the malicious way we dream of love is exactly the thing that spurs the bombs angst-ridden and apathetic ape-men pound Guerrilla drums and smoke TNT blunts that explodes in the headlands and fields of fascism so when anarchy rises they’ll claim the are the victims but they are the addicts sucking the sewer off the system with fewer fighting even less will resist the fight to be fought will be a lot to be lost Apologies and Apathy the chemistry of conduct conductor of our angst in a trance we are disciples designing dense psychologies to sink us in a virus I said my pledge allegiance it entitles us to damage Loyalty to Anarchy Directionless and Classic In the age of disillusion where fallacies stay active we see it in the streets where the struggle sinks forever our loyalty to anarchy has never felt so toxic Because... We are missile drainage and brainless phases
Caught and trapped in Puppet mazes because you see
reality is a Stock you buy to quiet the monster the leech inside A ball and chain A bong and flame cause the riff to lose their grip create a black-hole in the brain Bring em out and puff their pain A nice distraction to say the least a blown reactor Rejoice and Feast
The faceless in the ashes the melody of micro invisible and present-less abbreviated promises take us to the
edge and we'll see what's there together all aboard and out of key out options
dazed disease This is the city of venom A poisonous promise we pride and abide by its tainted justice like a jury out of hell where a hustle up the block is another bullet to sell I close my fist to the mess and strike back a Lightning Smokestack to exact the fury building with the doomsday choir gently singing The glory of our struggle and the saints to surely follow The glory of our struggle the fiercest in the battle Ride through my darkness Disciple to Trouble I've lost many things that I cannot speak kind of erases the traces
Set, we are primal Defined through the blood and the stains in the water


from Beta Earth, released December 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Starz Society

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